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We are delighted to announce the good news! Community Projects of Havre de Grace, Inc., the Colored School Foundation is now the proud owner of the Havre de Grace Colored School.  The school is now back in the hands of the community.  

Donations are still needed to help with the Foundation's renovation efforts.  Supporters can DONATE, PLEDGE or LOAN to the Foundation—see details below.

All donations are tax deductible—Community Projects of Havre de Grace, the Colored School Foundation,

is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit corporation (52-2086463), and is a Maryland registered charity (25202).

Please help us preserve the rich history of the Havre de Grace Colored School by becoming a charter member of the Colored School Foundation.  Your membership allows you to become a permanent part of this noble legacy.

Honoring the legacy of those who came before us... 


(Once you have made a donation, please complete the Charter Membership form below.)

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 $50,000=Platinum      $30,000=Gold     $20,000=Silver     $10,000=Diamond     $5,000=Pearl     $2,500=Sapphire     $1,000=Ruby      $500=Emerald     

$100=Opal     $50=Amethyst      $25 =Garnet      $_____ Other= Onyx

Donations are tax deductible.

No amount is too small

(Please read the donation example below before making a donation)


You can pledge an amount and make monthly or quarterly payments. Although pledging will not help us to meet our immediate goal, it will help us maintain a monthly income which is greatly needed. For example, if a person wants to pledge $1,000 they can make monthly payments of $100 until they reach $1,000. If a person wants to donate $100 and make monthly payments of $10 or $20—any amount will help.

Payment Schedule:
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Supporters can loan a certain sum of money to the Foundation. The Foundation will establish a legal promissory note with terms of repayment. Our plan is to rent a portion of the building to ensure that we maintain regular income until all loans are satisfied. Keep in mind, we will also have a building valued at $625,000 which provides us with instant equity if needed.

Please note, the Foundation will contact you to discuss the options for a loan. For questions or concerns, please contact Patricia Cole, (703) 398-6133.
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Charter Membership

 As a tribute to your commitment to preserving this valuable piece of forgotten history...

Your charitable donation will ensure the permanent placement of your name on our website and on all future correspondence as a Charter Member of the Colored School Foundation.

I would like to opt out of charter membership:
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Please make checks payable to: Community Projects of Havre de Grace

Note on the memo line:    Colored School Foundation

Mail donation to: P.O. Box 799, Havre de Grace, MD 21078

or call (703) 398-6133 for additional details.

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